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Why Choose QMC?



We have developed a proven business operational excellence model for the industry, providing us an opportunity to develop a “STANDARD MONITORING PROCEDURE” to hand hold the business organization through its journey along.


The success of the system depends on the identification of processes, their sequencing and establishing their interrelation/interdependence. The processes being key processes, where the word key be treated as lowest common multiple and not highest common factor, to be able to reach to the micro most level of the organization and defining the interrelation.


Being the first and foremost important job for the management of any organization, to be able to manage the organization, also required for establishing the boundaries and their input and outputs. This otherwise, also works as the root of internal communication.


 It is our experience and relation with the industry, which has taught us to expand vertically, more so backward, where we have reached to a situation of sharing the pains together and be part of success by sharing responsibilities and not only teachings. It is an old saying “THOSE, WHO CAN’T BECOME ACHIEVERS, BECOME PREACHERS”, where we stand as exceptions, not by words but by deeds even .It is our experience with industry, which gave us the courage and strength to work with them together in their pursuit of excellence. Even able to plan for the results and evidence them in the implementation period (working under strict PAY BACK PERIOD)


We are backed by the experienced Consultants having expertise in related areas with an additional experience of working with the Public Sector Undertakings. Our team consists of specially qualified, experienced professionals who have worked successfully in the fields of evaluation and auditing of systems, processes or products; having extensive experience in training, implementation and automation of systems. Each of our members is an expert who has achieved recognition in his field, be it for the depth of his knowledge, the wealth of his experience in wide variety of sectors, or the quality engineering qualifications to his credit.


We build on the client's current system, policies and priorities. Our team brings you sound advice and the type of support that is best suited in adjusting your system to the model suggested by the standard relevant to your activity. Our experience has taught us to engage only in those actions resulting from due consideration given to the client's administrative and operating processes. It is our policy to provide the client with an overview of the various strategies, technologies and tools that are being proposed and to develop a joint modifications, adjustment or integration plan that gives full credit to the real concerns and considers the environment of the client.

About QMC?

Quality Management Consultants Services Vapi is a premier consultancy organisation engaged in quality consultation services to empower the prospective clients to obtain certifications in various management systems and quality recognition testimonials. We assure our prospects to sustain a proper leverage of quality of operations, technology, product, and market and management systems to attain the best expected quality standards.

Our Mission is to create a total and comprehensive awareness on Quality, Food Safety, Social, Health and Safety, Data Security, Statutory requirements and the importance of management systems among various industry sectors. We are guiding various organisations from top to bottom to enhance their knowledge through timely implementation and up-gradation of management systems. 

Quality Management Consultants was established in 2001 and since that time it has grown to be a nationally recognized consulting firm serving major clients in implementation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001, HACCP, NABL & NABH, SA 8000, Six Sigma Systems, GMP, BRC, C-TPAT, IFS, ORGANIC, IMS.

Headquartered in Vapi, Quality Management Consultancy provides cost-effective, “on-the-ground” solutions for quality issues and lead the organisation towards Certifications. We have achieved the reputation of high-quality service provider among many organisations. Our Major clients include (MENTION NAMES) & so on.

Quality Management Consultants came into existence in 2001 with an objective to tender quality consultancy services to SMES and service entities in India under the direction and control of the mentor and founder promoter NAME OF FOUNDER having a long-proven track record of experience in Quality consultancy services backed by other qualified professionals have craved an excellent system to be of high repute among the top-quality consultant service providers in India.

QMC have been playing a pivotal role in Gujarat in quality certification consultancy by extending substantial value addition to the entities who aspire quality certification to materialize their objective of quality attainment. The happy and contented clientele of QMC vouchsafe the fact of service quality of the company. The fruits of our services include increased volume of business, better products and services, enhanced labour skills and the improvement in overall activities and so on. QMC supported by a team of professionals offer client centric approach to serve the clientele which are instrumental to realize the varied organisational objectives effectively. The strict adherence extended by QMC in the operations undertaken to follow the international standards have contributed to enhance value to the entities under study resulting into an elevated management system and business operations.

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