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Virtual General Manager Service

Recruitment is the leading reason of why teams are successful and when reflecting on this, a General Manager is often the piece missing to drive the ownerships vision and objectives.

What is a virtual General Manager (vGM)?

The Virtual GM supports ownership in carrying out the vision and strategy that they desire to see on the pitch. It supplies the expertise and the connections to deliver this at an elite level.

What are the responsibilities of a vGM?

This offering varies depending on the companies needs and situation. It is aimed to be flexible. The process typically follows an assessment, audit and a plan before proceeding with a solution built for you.

Where does a vGM sit in the organisation?

The Virtual General Manager provides oversight on the technical department while being the counsel for the ownership and executives on a short, medium and long-term basis.

Why is this a better way of working?

Manage budgets more efficiently while lowering cost over time. We are able to identify the technical talent required to deliver high performance. It provides a greater chance of profitability through alignment and recruitment.

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