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QMC Chemical Inspection Service is a leading product safety and chemical management consulting firm providing valued product regulatory compliance service, tailored solutions and original information to help our clients gain competitive advantage by reducing business risks associations with regulatory affairs and removing barriers to entry.


Chemical Analysis

Laboratory Facility

Complete workshop facilities including Lathe Machines, Shaping Machine, Surface Grinding Machines, Milling Machines and Drilling Machines


Complete Set of Measuring and inspection instruments including Vernier Callipers, Micrometres, and Dial Gauges. Number of fixtures and attachments for various tests


AWAITING NABL Scope of Accreditation

National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) is an autonomous body under the aegis of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India providing laboratory accreditation services to laboratories that are performing tests/ calibrations in accordance with IEC and ISO 17025 standard.


Positive Material Identification

Quality Management Consultancy enhances its Non-Destructive Testing offering with Positive Material Identification service. Our on-site inspection and testing team has multiple highly sophisticated handheld / portable equipment’s which can measure the chemical composition of the materials, non-destructively and accurately.


The range of equipment available for undertaking Positive Material Identification (PMI) at Quality Management Consultancy is unparalleled in India.


Positive Material Identification service is fast becoming an integral part of process safety management in the petroleum refining, petrochemical and electric power generation industries in India, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific.



Why Quality Chemical Testing?

Latest Technology sophisticated ICP by Agilent giving uncompromised Speed, Performance & Precision

Experienced and Skilled Technical Staff having strong wet chemistry experience.

Qualified Personnel

Low Turnaround Time

Prompt Customer service

High Precision. High Accuracy Machines.

Following International Standards, Industry Best Practices and Validated Test Methods.

Environmental Testing Services

The environment is at the top of the agenda for governments, civil society and citizens, and is likely to remain so for some time. Its importance in business and purchase decision-making, as well as in legislation, standards and regulations is increasing all the time. As a result, no business can afford to take the environment for granted. Whatever be the industry or area of activity, one needs to minimize the impact on environment and protect it as much as possible.

Being the leading service provider of environment services, we offer testing, sampling and a comprehensive range of specialist solutions to help you minimize your environmental impact.

QMC can help you with every aspect of your environmental responsibilities

Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) / Work Zone Air Quality.

The Air samples are collected and analysed as per National Ambient Air quality standards (NAAQS) or other relevant standards as per requirements. Some of the parameters analysed in it are listed below.

  • NOx, SOx, CO, HC, PM10, PM2.5, NH3

  • Benzene

  • Benzo (a) pyrene

  • Ozone

  • Heavy Metals

  • Metrological Data (Temperature, Relative humidity, Rain Fall, Solar Radiation, Wind Speed, Wind Direction & Traffic Density etc.)

  • Noise, Lux and ventilation measurements

  • Hydrogen Sulphide

  • Oxygen

  • Carbon dioxide and Formaldehyde


We also carry out Baseline data generation for Environment Impact Assessment Study.

Air Quality (IAQ)

We perform Quantitative Assessment for Indoor Environment Quality as per ASHRAE / OSHA / NIOSH / LEED Green Building standards:

  • NOx, SOx, CO, HC, PM10, PM2.5, NH3

  • Oxygen

  • TVOC

  • Formaldehyde

  • Microbial contamination

  • Thermal Comfort

  • Ventilation Rate

  • CO2

Stationary Source Emission

Emission measurement is a complex process undertaken in often difficult environments. QMC is well versed with wide range of methods and also well equipped to provide reliable measurements accurately as per the IS: 11255 and other standards.

  • Flue gas temperature

  • Flue gas velocity

  • Quantity of flue gas emission

  • NOx, SOx, CO, HC and Particulate Matter

  • VOCs (60 VOCs, individual) & SVOCs (PAHs & PCBs)

  • Dioxins & Furans

  • Acid Mist

  • Ammonia

  • Heavy Metals

  • Hydrogen Sulphide

  • Carbon Di Sulphide

  • Total Organic Carbon

Compressed Air, Breathing Air and Process Air

It is used by a number of industrial sectors including oil and gas, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, nuclear and in medical applications following ISO: 8573/ USP/Ph. Eur guidelines.

  • Dew Point

  • Oil content

  • Particulate matter / count

  • Moisture content

  • Viable count

  • O2, CO2, CO, N2, NO2, SO2 and VOCs

 Purity testing of various industrial gases

  • Nitrogen

  • Oxygen

  • Hydrogen

  • Carbon dioxide

  • Argon

  • Helium

Water / Soil 

We analyse all types of water such as waste water, drinking water, pool water as per National and International standards and various guidelines. QMC also carry out the analysis for Phase II study as per USEPA standards for VOC, SVOC, 13 priority pollutants, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) from C6 to C36 in water and Soil.

Hazardous Waste & Compost.

QMC Environment Testing has the capability to carry out Waste analysis including Municipal solid waste as per Schedule II (TCLP method) parameters of HWHM Rules, 2008 and as per the project requirement.

Clean Room Certification

Verification and validation of clean room according to ISO: 14644 standards. Majorly Applicable for Industries like Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devises, Food, Electronics, Automotive & Aeronautical spare parts manufactures.

For further information about how partnering with Quality Environment Testing can benefit your organization, please feel free to contact us. Discover why we are also the preferred partner for Minerals & Ores, Materials, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical and Fuels & Oils testing.

Noise calibration Services 

The Noise and Sound calibration of the sound level meter is carried out by our company & we ensure the good functioning of the equipment in different frequencies and with different sound pressure levels. The Noise and Sound Calibration laboratory is responsible for adjusting the sound level meter if there are deviations.

QMC is a leading Noise calibration laboratory in Vapi with all the latest equipment’s to meet all our clients’ demands. Our Noise calibration lab experts certified in providing Noise calibration services. Lab is designed and constructed to meet the recommended environmental practice as per the NABL Standards for Noise calibration. QMC Noise Testing is a leading service provider for Noise Calibration of various types of parameters in all industries and our lab is in process of being NABL accredited by (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration laboratories) from Vapi, Gujarat, India We calibrate wide range of Noise Calibration Services parameters, both at our lab & at site and we cater to our client’s requirements by providing our quality certified Noise Calibration Services. As a leading Calibration Company in Vapi, we offer Noise Calibration Services for our clients in Gujarat, India. We are backed with all the latest facilities that is making us one of the prominent players in Noise Calibration and testing services company in Vapi, Gujarat India

The verification is done before and after the measurement. It is a simple check that the signal comes from the microphone and that the microphone has been stable during the measurement time. It is performed with a calibrator and is usually done in the frequency of 1kHz and at a sound pressure level of 94 or 114 dB.

  • Sound level Meter

  • Noise meter

  • Tachometer

  • Non - Contact Tachometer

  • Contact Tachometer

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